At BudgIT, we believe it is the RIGHT of every citizen to have access and also understand public budgets. We also believe budgets must be efficiently implemented for the GOOD of the people.

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Federal Government

Here is access to the Federal Government budgets, allocations and infographics that make FG budgets more easy and simple to understand.

State Governments

Find out allocations to states and also budgets of state government. It is your RIGHT to access the budget. Most State Governors are hiding it. Raise your voices.

  • http://localhost/budgit/?data_category=anambra

About Us

BudgIT is a creative organization driven to retell the Nigerian budget and public data in a finer detail across every literacy span. We aim to stimulate citizens interests around public data and hence trigger discussions towards better governance.

At BudgIT, we believe that access and understanding to the budget is a basic human right

Our Projects

We also work with our partners to deliver value on projects that improve governance and also strengthen institutional capacity in Nigeria.

Evidence Based Research

Open Data

Data Journalism

What people are saying

"Donors interested in transparency need to pay greater attention to supporting such institutions, as well as supporting efforts from civil society on the demand side of good governance, such as, which educates citizens on how the national budget allocates resources"

Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala Nigeria’s Finance Minister & former World Bank Managing Director,
Op-ed on Financial Times

"@budgITng Your work is one DEFINITE EVIDENCE of a better engaged citizenry in our fledgling Democracy. I am one of Ur biggest fans. Kudos!:)"

Obiageli Ezekwesili Former Vice President,
World Bank (Africa Region)

"@BudgITng we love the infographic you did on how Nigeria could use its oil & gas revenues. Have included it in our progress report"

A Tweet by Extractive Industries Transparency Initiative (EITI) International

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