Creative Communications Project for CSOs

DONOR: MacArthur Foundation


  1. 72 Applications sent by CSOs
  2. 17 CSOs supported
  3. 9 Websites built
  4. 5 Reports Redesigned
  5. 3 Workshops

THE PROJECT: The Creative Communications Project was initiated to improve how Civil Society Organizations (CSOs) in Nigeria conduct fieldwork and report outcomes to their stakeholders. The scheme continues to work with selected NGOs on upgrading their communication approaches, web presence, social media outlook and report presentation skill-set.


  • Seventeen CSOs from 72 applications received personalized support in the aforementioned areas, while the 55 other CSOs were granted remote assistance.
  • Target CSOs were trained via two workshops in Abuja and Lagos, which introduced them to data visualization tools, the conceptualization of striking infographics and the strategic use of social media for advocacy. This training highlighted the impact of numbers/statistics in report writing. Web development and redesign support was the focus for nine CSOs, which hitherto only made use of traditional hard-copy reports. Four other CSOs also received bespoke instruction on electronic mailing techniques over a period of 6 months.
  • Following this, BudgIT continues to provide guidance to the organizations, regularly reaching out them and sharing pointers on their respective report creation and engagement strategies.
  • BudgIT has improved the communication capacity of CSOs, enhancing the quality of socioeconomic advocacy in Nigeria, for the long-term benefit of the country‚Äôs democracy.