February 14, 2016


BudgIT, a civic tech organization, seeks an experienced and innovative storyteller who understands data and can creatively convert it into  graphical  presentations that  push the boundaries of design, transcend illiteracy and language  barriers to intersect public spending with civic  and engagement.  We seek a curious journalist, a brilliant writer and numbers “geek” – someone with a gift for spotting the story in the data, and simplifying the data in the story.

Our preferred candidate should be equally as passionate about Nigeria, possessing an innate inquisitive nature which ensures they are constantly willing to hunt down, analyse and relay public data as stories that: uncover national secrets wrapped in numbers, drive markets and challenge long-held narratives that stall socioeconomic development.

Working with data should be second nature to this person, who will be expected to immerse themselves in stories principally for BudgIT’s new emerging platform – Fitila. The candidate will be responsible for generating original, timely story ideas across fields including: technology, finance, healthcare, agriculture, extractives, infrastructure or other sectors, as and when defined.


A self-starter, the candidate should be comfortable hunting and investigating vast datasets, as well as  choosing appropriate methods for visualizing information. As a team member, we expect you to complement BudgIT’s founding principles and work ethics. Accordingly, as an ideas machine, you will be allowed to – and rewarded for – taking the initiative to develop data sources and find public-focused stories.


Extensive knowledge of Excel is mandatory and proficiency in Economics is highly beneficial. We are not saying you should know how to use Corel Draw or be a graphic designer. We need someone that  loves data, data visualization and smart storytelling.

Interested candidates may  apply via email with a  resume, samples of past-data related stories, a cover letter specifying expected remuneration, as well as an outline of the first two stories you would work on for Fitila  to:

Deadline: February 27, 2016

Candidates must be willing to resume on short notice.