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September 7, 2021

If you have followed our story in the last few years, then you probably know that BudgIT started as an idea that was incubated at the Co-creation Hub. It started with two men – Oluseun Onigbinde and Joseph Agunbiade – who believed that their idea was good enough to scale.

BudgIT came at a time when many could not make sense of the budget at the national and sub-national levels. It started when Seun realised the wide skill gap he had on budget issues while scrolling through sheets and files of budgetary information. At that point, he realised that many Nigerians might also have the same knowledge issues, and it was only right for someone to step up and create tools that will make the budget simpler and more accessible to people.

First, it seemed like a mere seed, but that seed has morphed into something really extraordinary, taking on Africa’s civic-tech space one country at a time. Our progress and achievements within Nigeria’s civic-tech space have been nothing short of tremendous.

We are convinced that there are other BudgITs out there. There are other ideas like BudgIT, or maybe even better than what we have presently, and we want to give one of these ideas the opportunity to bloom through our incubation program. 

We have organised this Hackathon to discover the next BudgIT.

It will be a platform for talented social innovators to compete in creating an application that improves or enhances citizens’ participation in fiscal accountability, good governance and effective service delivery.

You’re welcome to join us: