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State of States Salary Survey as at May 15, 2017

June 7, 2017

  • Adebisi J. A.

    Many of these information are incorrect. Many of our friends from Kwara, Oyo and Kogi rejected your data. Please, endeavour to give accurate info.

  • Bebeteidoh Oyinkepreye Lucky

    Your information here about Bayelsa State is very incorrect

    • Please what is the correct information? It will help to offer the correction so we can all learn and be up to date. Thanks

  • James Chikelu

    Thumbs up to Gov. Willie Obiano of Anambra state, he is really doing well with salaries…it helps cushion the effects of the recession on government workers, to say the least.

  • Please, how can this table be real?
    That some State Governments (Niger and Taraba States) could not pay Pensioners their stipends for 3years!!! The poor old pensioners must be dead by now in agony;
    That teachers are not paid wages for 15 months!!!
    What other evidence do you need to classify Nigeria as a failed state?
    This is not acceptable in a real world. But I understand Nigeria is a fiction anyway – a mere geographical expression. If not how can citizens under the employment of their own government be treated so shabbily and inhumanely?