• Engagement with the Ministry of Budget and Planning - 2 Websites - 1
  • Engagements with other Civil Society Organizations - 2 Infographics - 5

BudgIT & Kaduna State are working on the first sub-national budget in the country tagged “Open Kaduna Project.” This is a pioneering effort at building Nigeria’s only fully-automated, online budget reporting and monitoring system, from deliberation, to collation, allocation, procurement and auditing stage.


  • On 28 November 2015, BudgIT was invited by the Kaduna State government to be present at the Town Hall meeting where the “Budget of Restoration” was presented to the Kaduna State people by Governor El – Rufai.
  • BudgIT was granted the opportunity to demonstrate the various tools built to facilitate all aspects of the budgeting system, with an emphasis on those relevant to the enablement of citizens interested in monitoring all disbursement and implementation activities within the budget. This can be found on www.openkaduna.com.ng
  • We have a radio program in the works, to help communicate with the residents and indigenes of Kaduna State, in order to enlighten them via mass media on how to track the Budget easier, using these tools in the fulfilment of their civic duties.
  • BudgIT also developed Infographics for Kaduna State, to facilitate a wider grasp of the parameters of a zero-based Budget, based on the wishes of the Kaduna State government to pursue this mode of budget preparation.
  • We augmented this with a two-day capacity building programme for selected staff of the Ministry of Budget and Planning, in order to advocate for and explain the intricacies of having an Open Budget format in their financial dealings.
  • In sum, this project has been anchored on collaborative engagements with government institutions, CSOs and media in both countries. The process involved meetings with seniors officials in the Ministry of Information and Communication Technology; the EFCC; the Office of the National Security Adviser; the ICPC; NAPTIP; the Office of the Auditor-General of the Federation; the Nigeria Police Force, the Anti-Corruption Commission of Sierra Leone; the Office of the National Security Adviser; the Chief Justice of Sierra Leone; the Sierra Leone Police; the Sierra Leone Correctional Service; the Sierra Leone Fire Force; the Ministry of Defence; the Ministry of Finance; the Ministry of Justice; the National Ebola Response Centre and the Bureau for Public Sector Reform in Sierra Leone.
  • Upon an invitation extended by a coalition of Civil Society Organizations in the State, we have remained on the ground in Kaduna to routinely give presentations on CSOs’ roles in monitoring Budgets and ensuring their advocacy campaigns successfully aid the Kaduna State government in pursuing and maintaining accountability and transparency across the board.